“I believe Ed is dedicated to the game and he his also very passionate in becoming a great coach. Lastly but not least, he enjoys teaching , guiding and preaching the young basketball players the importance of education while play8ing the game they love.”

– Hennssy Auriantal Executive Director of PDP Basketball Academy/ Former UW Badger Guard

Class 1999 and Canadian National Olympian


“Coach Singleton excels at taking highly skilled, highly motivated players, and making them better. He was instrumental in helping one of my best #2 guards transition into running the point.”

– Michael McCabe Edgerton Boys Varsity Basketball Coach


“Over the past couple of years Edward has grown as a coach and has done well with setting expectations, and making sure the young men he coaches, abide by those expectations.”

– Lisa Tranel


“Ed has consistently demonstrated a very effective coaching style where he delivers an excellent balance of motivation, instruction and mentoring. He is very knowledgeable about the sport of basketball, has experience coaching a wide range of age groups, and has always been very punctual and committed to his role.

– Dr. Andrew Jefcoat


“Edward Singleton has coached my oldest son for a couple years. He has taken my son from good athlete, to an elite player. Since his guidance, my son has improved every facet of his game. He has molded him into a confident, strategic player, with the tools to make good decisions on the court.”

– Jayme Westra


“Edward has proven himself to be an extremely dedicated and successful basketball coach.  Edward has taken young man from a variety of backgrounds and taught them how to function as a team while working as themselves as an individual player; winning a lot of games in the process. “

– Kirby Nelson


“Our son has played on several Aau teams and plays high school basketball. In all of the years that he has played, he has never had a coach with the knowledge and understanding of basketball and ability to connect with all of his players like Coach Singleton”

– Mary Mladek


“Coach Singleton was able to mesh kids from a variety of different backgrounds into a unified team that truly enjoyed playing together, Given that most of these players were used to being the best players on their school teams it was not an easy task!

– Alex Mladek